Advisory Board

The BECR Center has formed an Advisory Board (AB) to help guide our understanding of diverse stakeholder challenges and opportunities associated with food choice behavior, particularly within the SNAP, SNAP-Ed, and WIC programs, including program implementers, retailers, industry, and policy makers.


Current Members:

Andrea Albo (Executive Deputy Director, Denver Human Services; Expertise: SNAP)

Susan Baker (Colorado State; Expertise: SNAP-Ed)

B. Douglas Bernheim (Edward Ames Edmonds Professor of Economics, Stanford University; Expertise: Behavioral economics, public economics)

Josephine Cialone (Former Head, Nutrition Services Branch, North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services; Expertise: WIC)

Andrew Claster (Deputy Chief Analytics Officer for President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign; Expertise: Data Analytics)

Lindsey Kueffner (Executive Director, Carolinas Food Industry Council, Retail Merchants Association; Expertise: Grocery Industry)

Michael Amiri (CEO Mom’s Fresh Foods; Expertise: WIC and SNAP retail)

Lindsay Rodgers (WIC Director, Texas Department of State Health Services; Expertise: WIC)

Melanie Hall (Senior Nutrition Marketing Business Partner, Kellogg’s; Expertise: Food industry)