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Will the Apple Watch help me lose weight?

All the Apple lovers out there are gearing up for the release of the Apple Watch, and talking about whether or not they will pay the hefty price tag to be among the first proud owners. FitBits and calorie tracking have been all the rage as the summer rolls in and people are prepping for their swimsuit bodies. All this […]

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The Duke Healthy Living Initiative

Obesity has become a true epidemic in the United States, with over 35.7% of adults considered obese. This condition can have drastic effects on the health of individuals, effects that are often understated and rarely addressed. Unhealthy habits begin much earlier in life, when the diets of children and adolescents are highly vulnerable. As a result, over 68.8% of adults […]

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New Advisory Board Member

The BECR Center is excited to announce that Andrew Claster, Deputy Chief Analytics Officer for President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign, has joined our Advisory Board. Mr. Claster helped create and lead the Obama Analytics team of more than 50 analysts, statistical modelers, and engineers.

The Obama Analytics team used predictive modeling, data analysis and technology to revolutionize political polling […]

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