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Leveraging Smartphone Applications for Health

Despite the incredible potential and recent emergence of smartphone apps meant to promote user health, very few have actually encouraged sustainable behavioral change. “SmartAPPetite” addresses common challenges to apps by incorporating validated behavior change techniques and principles from behavioral economics to “nudge” users into healthy dietary habits.

An emphasis of public health researchers is decreasing nutritional inequity stemming from geographic, educational, […]

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Researcher Profile: Dr. Betsy Anderson Steeves

Dr. Betsy Anderson Steeves is an Assistant Professor of Public Health Nutrition at the University of Tennessee- Knoxville. At the University of Tennessee she leads the Healthful Eating & Active Living Through Healthy Environments Lab where she conducts environmental interventions in retail food settings in rural, Appalachian communities in East Tennessee.  She is one of BECR’S New Perspective Fellows. Under […]

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Researcher Profile: Dr. Collin Payne

Dr. Payne is an Associate Professor in the Marketing Department at New Mexico State University and the Co-Director/Co-Founder of the Consumer Behavior Lab. Part of the reason the Consumer Behavior Lab was established (2013) was to complement field research that was already being done in grocery stores. His work in Behavioral Economics began after a 3-year post-doctoral position in the […]

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