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Making Healthy, Economical Food Choices in Disadvantaged Neighborhoods

By Leah Chapman, MPH

A Summary of In-store marketing of inexpensive foods with good nutritional quality in disadvantaged neighborhoods: increased awareness, understanding, and purchasing


The MANAGER TOP intervention (French for “eating great”) took place in 4 discount stores (2 intervention and 2 control) in the 14th and 15th districts in Marseille, France. Assignment to treatment or control groups was not random. The […]

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Where does a family get their food?

When investigating how best to improve diet quality among Americans, one way we can gain insight into their nutritional behavior is to analyze how and where families get food. A recent report by the USDA’s National Household Food Acquisition and Purchase Survey (FoodAPS) reports these on average weekly food spending. The study includes data from over 4,800 households collected during […]

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When Nudges Fail: Designing Better Behavioral Interventions

Nudges are indirect suggestions used to encourage people to take a certain action, while still allowing them the freedom to deny the recommendation. Though they are a widely employed strategy to improve the welfare of target populations, nudges do not work in every circumstance. In fact, many nudges may even end up risking the welfare of their intended audience rather […]

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