New Perspectives Fellowship

New Perspectives Fellowship program

Our New Perspectives Fellowship aims to provide mentorship, training, and a $15,000 seed grant to expand the number of researchers conducting research on healthy food choice using behavioral economic strategies. The Fellowship program seeks to provide greater opportunity for individuals whose backgrounds or unique circumstances enable them to better understand populations and communities historically underrepresented in academic research. We encourage candidates from lower income backgrounds or geographies, and ethnic and racial minority groups to apply.

Recipients of the Fellowships are employed by a university, college, or research-based organization. Once selected, Fellows are mentored by an established researcher associated with the Center. Along with the mentorship, the provided seed grants will enable recipients to initiate an original research project at their home institutions, while benefiting from the resources and networks available through the Center. Recipients of the Fellowship are able to attend training sessions, meetings, webinars, and other events offered by the Center.

More information about our current Fellows can be found in our New Perspectives Fellows page.

Please note that we are not accepting applications for this program at this time.